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About Us

Here You Can Find Out About Our Server & Meet The Staff Team!

How Old Is WinterCrest?

WinterCrest was founded on the 9th of November 2013 by Cassi when she was just 18 years old. The reason the server was founded was because Cassi was a moderator of another server and was tired of the staff that abused their powers and bullied the players. Thus she decided to make her own server and ensure that all staff are friendly, helpful and active!

What Is It Like To Play On WinterCrest?

Here at WinterCrest we ensure that the server is a safe environment for all and we make sure that everyone is welcome and will feel at home. In terms of general gameplay, we are a strict no grief server and any grief can be easily rolled back by Centurions+. We are also a no PvP server accept for in certain areas where you can PvP such as /warp pvp.

Now A Quote From One Of Our Players!

"WinterCrest was lifechanging for me, I started playing back in 2017 and I am still playing in 2021 and have never looked back or played on another server since. I have gotten a lot out of WinterCrest, lots of friendships and good memories."

Map Resets!

We have had several map resets in the past but we tend to avoid them where possible. As it stands we are not planning on resetting the map when 1.17 is released but instead we will have a resource world for gathering the new resources added in 1.17 and for exploring the stunning new terrain there will be.


Events are a massive part of WinterCrest. There is almost always an event running on the server. We have seasonal events such as Valentines Day, Chinese New Year, Easter, A Yearly Summer Event, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas just to name a few. We have a large team consisting of 17 players dedicated to making our amazing events!

Our Admins

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❴Founder❵ _Castielle_

Founder Of The Server, She Does Everything

❴Founder❵ _Castielle_

Cassi founded the server on November 9th 2013 with 0 server knowledge, and has been running it ever since but now with a wealth of server knowledge which has accumulated over time.

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❴Admin❵ DeOutlaw

General Administrator - On Break At The Moment

❴Admin❵ DeOutlaw

DeOutlaw joined WinterCrest in 2019 and quickly rose through the ranks and by early 2020 they became a server administrator! They are on break for the forseeable future.

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❴Admin❵ CowsAndStuff

Cows is our /warp start Leader

❴Admin❵ CowsAndStuff

Cows is one of the longest serving staff members having joined the server in 2017 and having been staff for several years now!

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❴Admin❵ Mamonochan

Mono is our general tech support admin

❴Admin❵ Mamonochan

Mono is also one of our longest serving staff members having become staff back in 2017.

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❴Admin❵ DanP3005

Dan is our HR Admin as well as one of our community managers. He also developed this website ☺

❴Admin❵ DanP3005

Dan has been on the server since 2017 and became Moderator in August 2019 and then went on to get promoted to Admin in September 2020. He is our HR admin meaning if you have an issue with a player or staff member then you should drop him a message on Discord.

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❴Admin❵ Yollan

Yollan is our main community manager and is on the event team and is one of our apprentice mentors!

❴Admin❵ Yollan

Yollan became admin in December 2020 and is currently doing amazing work with the community team with the development of /warp starteville which is a town for new players and she is also assisting the community team with running fun weekly events

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❴Admin❵ Maye8257 aka IMPR_FreddyTan

Maye has been admin since November 2020 and is one of our event team leaders!

❴Admin❵ Maye8257

Maye is a long serving staff member and has been leading the event team brilliantly and helping them bring out awesome events.

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❴Admin❵ Kanzia

Kanzia is our resident Australian and has been on ther server since 2017!

❴Admin❵ Kanzia

Kanzia is our general developer and bug fixer and has been an staff since November 2019 and admin since June 2020

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❴Admin❵ HollandSpidey

Holland is also a long serving staff member and is one of the event team leaders. She has been admin since December 2020!

❴Admin❵ HollandSpidey

Holland is the leader of half of the event team and is a great leader. Her team is responsible for producing many events throughout the year. She is also Quest Manager and leads her quest team to make awesome quests!

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❴Admin❵ namejeff69

Jeff has been an admin since January 2021 and primarily works on MythicMobs!

❴Admin❵ namejeff69

Jeff primarily works on MythicMobs which allows us to have awesome boss fights during events, he also makes custom items and works on bug fixing.


What is the expert test?

Answer: The expert test isn’t a parkour, minecraft, or PvP test! Rather, it’s a test on knowledge of the server! You need to study rules, general information, what ranks can do, and commands. You can use /warp help, ranks & rules can help you prepare!

When can I take the expert test?

Answer: You have to be Adept rank to take the test, with no bans/kicks within the last 30 days. If you have a clean record, you can take the test every 12 hours otherwise it is every 24 hours.

How do I lock my chest/furnace?

Answer: Chests usually lock automatically whenever placed. If you’re unsure, you can always do /lock and click onto the chest/furnace/whatever else you need locked to check! If you want it unlocked for everyone do /unlock.

How do I add a friend to a container?

Answer: Doing the command /cmodify (Friend’s username) then clicking a chest or other container will allow your friend to use your chest! If you plan to do multiple chests, we suggest you do /cpersist followed by /cmodify (friend’s username)

How do I teleport with an animal?

Answer: You can actually put an animal into a boat, get into said boat, then teleport to your home. The boat and animal should follow! You can also ride horses and teleport home to get them to follow you as well.

How do I make money?

Answer: You can make money in various ways! Some of these ways include: Voting (You can use or sell the keys!), quests, creating a shop, selling to a shop, or doing work for other players.

Can I join anyone’s town?

Answer: /warp starterville is our official town - but some players chose to set up towns. Towns generally have a mayor or owner that needs to grant you permission to build there. Check out the towns on our server with /warps

Can I make a town?

Answer: Yes! You don’t need to know anything fancy to start a town. Instead, build your town, making sure there’s plenty of room, before setting a warp or allowing people to teleport! Remember, you can’t build a town just to grief the members or scam them by asking them to add you to everything. A warp can be added onto the server by doing /buywarp. It’s 60 dollars in-game for non-donors, but only 30 dollars for donors!

How do I go to the creative world?

Answer: Sadly, as a newcomer you can’t join the creative world. We do this to protect your builds from malicious players. You will be able to access this world when you reach the Experienced Rank!

Can someone help me with this grief?

Answer: If there are no Centurions/Apprentices/Mods/Admins currently online, or they are afk, feel free to say that you may have found some grief by using /report (username) or in #Ask-a-staff on discord! Sometimes, getting another person to poke them helps, or messaging alerts them to “Hey, something new in chat, I should check it out!” Just make sure not to spam them, as that is not allowed.

How do I claim land?

Answer: You build! We have a trust-based system that allows less problems with plugins. Anyone who builds within 100 blocks of your build without permission will be asked to leave, and if not they will be rolled back. This goes the same for you: Try not to build within 100 blocks of another player without permission!

How do I rank up?

Answer: Mainly voting! But as there are multiple ranks, we actually built a warp for this! /warp ranks

How do I use/get chat feelings?

Answer: To get chat feelings, you have to donate! Donating to get Lady/Lord allows you to use chat feelings!

I just bought a rank, how do I change the prefix?

Answer: Yikes, Bought that new Lord rank but you’re a Lady? No worries! Ask an admin whenever they are online to change your rank! This works for others as well! Just please do not ping any admin+ on the discord in hopes of getting it changed faster.

I just bought lord/lady, how do I change colors?

Answer: A snazzy /rankcolor command will help you do this! You also have /nick and can change the colors of your name doing this as well!

What are the mob/Entity caps?

Answer: The mob cap is currently at 30 per chunk for passive mobs and 15 for villagers! Keep in mind, you can check chunk borders by doing f3+G. As for entities such as item frames and armor stands, it currently is 20 per chunk, but staying a few below may help the server be less laggy!

Who is the owner of the server?

Answer: The one, the only, _Castielle_ aka Cassi! Don’t fear, she isn’t an owner who is a big spooky woman to talk to. She’s actually extremely nice, but gets busy rather often, so don’t feel bad if she doesn’t say **hi** back, just try again next time!

How can I tell if staff is online?

Answer: Doing /list or /who gives you a long list of all players and staff online by rank.

How big is the nether or end`?

Answer: The nether and end are 5k x 5k. Although small, it gets reset every so often, so we won’t run out of materials.

How big is the overworld?

Answer: The overworld is 35k in radius, so 70,000 blocks from side to side! Pretty nice, huh?

Does the server reset?

Answer: We try to limit the reset of the overworld as much as possible to ensure everyone keeps their builds as long as possible! In doing so, we do change up the next version, just without a new overworld if possible. If we DO end up resetting the overworld, we will transfer multiple builds over! As it stands we have no plans to reset for the 1.17 update however there will be a resource world!

Why aren’t treasure maps working?

Answer: There is currently an issue with maps that cause the server to crash. This is a bug on Minecraft’s end, sadly.

How do I set more than one home

Answer: Make sure you have a rank that has more than one home (Explorer+) before doing /sethome (home name)!

How do I get my warp on the warp list?

Answer: There’s a forum you have to fill out and give some time for the staff to review to see if they would like to add it to the list! You can find it here!

Can I mine spawners with silk touch?

Answer: Lords and Experts+ can mine spawners with silk touch! Most people will do it for you if you ask politely.

How do I private message someone?

Answer: You type /msg (Username) (Whatever you want to say), but without the brackets! Keep in mind, you can do /r for /reply, but this sends it to the last person that messaged you. Make sure it goes to the right person!

How do I get a warp?

Answer: You buy it! Normal, non-donors buy a warp for $60 in-game dollars, but donors buy warps for $30s! You can buy one by contacting a Mod or Admin. If you are Experienced+ you can use /buywarp

Can I move/rename my warp?

Answer: Mods+ Are able to move and rename anyone’s warps! It has to be under your name, though.

Can I have an alt?

Answer: Yes! Players may have as many alts as they wish but need to tell staff about them to give them the villager rank! Also, if you play with someone in the same house let us know so you don’t accidentally get in trouble :D

I want to donate, but I don’t have Paypal. How do I pay?

Answer: You can actually pay just using any normal credit card! The server uses PayPal as our through-system to ensure both your and the server’s protection.

I want to donate directly to the server, but I don’t want to buy something. Can I do that?

Answer: Thank you for wanting to donate! We have a direct paypal link that you may use:

What is the server/world seed?

Answer: We're sorry but we do not give out the server/world seed.

Can I play music that is rated above PG13?

Answer: No. We want the server to be kept PG13, and playing music that is not PG13 is not allowed. Music that uses the n-word is a big no-no.