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Event Calendar

Here You Can Find A Calendar Detailing The Dates That Events Are Starting!

Our Events

We run many events througout the year. We even have a team of 17 players dedicated to making, building and running these awesome events! We have seasonal events such as Chinese New Year, Valentines Day, Easter, A Summer Event, Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas!

The Event Team

The event team is made up of 17 players who have all decided to dedicate their time to making events. The team has 2 leaders, HollandSpidey and Maye8257 who are both admins. Every now and then the event team will be open for applications, this will be posted in the announcements in our Discord server, which is linked in the footer so keep your eyes peeled!

Build Event Winners!

Chinese New Year Lantern Competition Winner - Dan4o_Veliki

Starterville Build Competition Winner - DaveTheMLGPro