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Where do I apply for teams?

Helper Application Form:

Community Team Application Form:

Event Team Application Form:

What is the Expert Test?

The Expert Test isn’t a parkour, minecraft, or PvP test! Rather, it’s a test on knowledge of the server! Once you pass, you'll be ranked to "Expert"

You need to have 150 votes to take the test, with no punishments within the last 30 days. The test can be taken every 12 hours.

How do I teleport with an animal?

You can actually put an animal into a boat, get into said boat, then teleport to your home. The boat and animal should follow! You can also ride horses and teleport home to get them to follow you as well.

How do I make money?

You can make money in various ways! Some of these ways include: Voting (You can use or sell the keys!), creating a shop, selling to a shop, or doing work for other players. We also have /jobs for ALL players and can be retaken every 24 hours!

Can I join anyone’s town?

/warp town is our official town - but some players chose to set up their own. Towns generally have a mayor or owner that needs to grant you permission to build there. Check out the towns on our server with /warps

Can I make a town?

Yes! You don’t need to know anything fancy to start a town. Instead, build your town, making sure there’s plenty of room, before setting a warp or allowing people to teleport!

How do I go to the creative world?

Sadly, as a newcomer you can’t join the creative world. We do this to protect your builds from malicious players. You will be able to access this world when you reach 100 votes!

How do I claim land?

To claim land, simply type "/claim" in chat - but most players use our trust-based system. Anyone who builds within 100 blocks of your build without permission will be asked to leave, and if not they will be rolled back. This goes the same for you: Try not to build within 100 blocks of another player without permission!

How do I rank up?

Voting! But as there are multiple ranks please type /rankup in chat for more information.

What are the mob/Entity caps?

The mob cap is currently at 30 per chunk for passive mobs and 10 for villagers! Keep in mind, you can check chunk borders by doing F3+G. As for entities such as item frames and armor stands, it currently is 20 per chunk.

Who is the owner of the server?

The one, the only, _Castielle_ aka Cassi! Don’t fear, she isn’t an owner who is a big spooky woman to talk to. She’s actually extremely nice, but gets busy rather often, so don’t feel bad if she doesn’t say **hi** back, just try again next time!

How can I tell if any staff are online?

Typing /list or hitting tab gives you a long list of all players and staff online by rank.

How big is the nether or end?

The nether is 10k x 10k. The End is 6k x 6k. Although small, it gets reset every so often, so we won’t run out of materials.

How big is the overworld?

We have two overworlds! The overworld created before the 1.18 world generation is 35k in radius!

The new overworld freshly created with the 1.18 update has a size of 20k x 20k! This is the world you'll spawn in when you type "rtp"

Does the server reset?

We try to limit the reset of the overworld as much as possible to ensure everyone keeps their builds as long as possible! In doing so, we do change up the next version, just without a new overworld if possible. If we DO end up resetting the overworld, we will transfer multiple builds over!

Why aren’t treasure maps working?

There is currently an issue with maps that cause the server to crash. This is a bug on Minecraft’s end, sadly.

Can I mine spawners with silk touch?

Lords, Highborns and Experts+ can mine spawners with silk touch!
What is the server/world seed?

We're sorry but we do not give out the world seeds.