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📜 Rules

Welcome to the WinterCrest rules page! Rules are expected to be followed by all users, regardless of their rank or time played on the server.

As the owner of your Minecraft account, you are responsible for what happens while you are logged on. If a rule is broken during your time online you'll be punished accordingly, just like everyone else.

Our staff team works incredibly hard to keep WinterCrest safe and enjoyable for everyone. If you find yourself being warned by a member of our team, you are expected to respect their decision and work with them to resolve the situation.

1. Griefing & Raiding 

Griefing/Raiding/Stealing/Killing anything that does not belong to you is not allowed, including in unclaimed areas. Your land is completely protected. This rule also applies to:

  • Stealing from a claim you’re trusted on without permission is not allowed.
  • Stealing items players have dropped by mistake is not allowed.
  • In shops, you may only take from containers marked as free item containers.
  • Claiming another player's belongings is not allowed.
  • If you share a base with another player or have claimed a town, you cannot leave a player's belongings unprotected.
👮 All blocks are logged. It takes us less time to catch, punish you, and rollback everything than for you to grief/steal/raid another player. If you are griefed, just let a Helper/Mod/Admin know. They will punish the player and rollback any damage done.
2. Respect Others' Claims. 

You have the right to your land, and don't bother other players on their land.

  • Do not claim or build within 100 blocks or range of another player/player claim. If land is claimed, build away from the edge of the player's claim. If land is unclaimed, build away from the other player's build.
  • Claims or builds intended to block a player or troll may be removed.
  • If players agree to live near each other, this rule cannot be enforced. We recommend screenshotting agreements for evidence.
  • If a player asks you to leave their claim/area, you need to leave. Sethomes in or around a claim may be removed upon request.
  • If you’re asked to leave, you must move at least 100 blocks away or out of range from the claim and not use local chat or sethome.
  • Failure to leave will result in consequences and you may be sent to spawn by a staff member.
  • Anybody can make a town. The town mayor may create and enforce their own rules, while all the server rules remain enforced by staff. To avoid issues, residents should agree to the town's rules prior to moving in. Town rule disputes should be handled between the town mayor and residents.
  • Town mayors must provide evicted residents their belongings. We recommend towns create an area where evicted residents can pick up their belongings at any time.
3. PVP Rules
  • Pushing players out of safe zones, including spawn, claims, shops, etc. into damage-enabled areas is not allowed.
  • TP killing/trapping, or attempting to, is not allowed. In addition, trapping players is not allowed.
  • Using sethomes, warps or other means of teleportation to kill somebody is considered tp killing.
  • Killing players, animals, or pets in claims is not allowed.
4. Redstone & Lag

Any builds or having anything intended to cause lag is not allowed. Anything causing lag may be removed by the staff team.

  • Entity cramming is not allowed.
  • Item frames: 800 per base/area. Mapart museums may receive special exemption.
  • Armor stands: limit 10 per chunk.
  • Mobs: limit 13-15 per chunk (mobs will not spawn after this).
  • Hoppers: limit 20 per chunk.
  • Pistons: limit 20 per chunk.
  • Observers: limit 20 per chunk.
  • Redstone Repeaters: limit 20 per chunk.
  • Lava casts are not allowed anywhere on the server.
  • Chunk loaders are not allowed.
  • Portal farms are disabled/not allowed, except for shulker farms.
  • Autosorters, or any sorting system using redstone mechanics, are limited to 2 modules max, meaning you can sort up to 2 chests in a system. You cannot sort more than 2 chests in the entire area you are in, even if you have multiple farms or bases.
  • Large cobblestone generators are banned due to constant piston updates. All cobblestone generators are to be one module (1x5) max.
5. No automation of the player.
  • This includes botting (baritone), auto-clickers, and key weights.
  • Farms that require you to AFK or do manual work are allowed.
  • Fishing Machines are NOT allowed. (Even if mouse manually held down)
  • Creating farms for jobs.
6. Respect Others.

Objectionable content and actions that harm others are not allowed. Examples of this include:

  • Discrimination of any kind.
  • Discussions of harmful or violent behavior, such as rape, suicide, and encouraging drug use.
  • Harassment, defined by, "to create an unpleasant or hostile situation especially by uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct."
  • Strongly cursing at other players with the intent to harm them.

6.1 Inappropriate, political, and religious content is not allowed, such as:

  • Pornographic and 18+ clubs, builds, or other content.
  • Mapart and books generally follow a PG-13 standard.
  • Political content depicts modern political figures, campaigns, elections, and derogatory viewpoints.
  • Overtly sexual material, such as discussing sexual experiences, desire to perform a sexual act, and requesting pictures.
  • This content is limited everywhere, such as but not limited to, your name, skin, chat, and any builds or items.

6.2 No spamming or flooding chat, including:

  • Repeated teleport requests.
  • Excessive caps lock: approximately one line of caps is allowed, although multiple lines, messages, or an overall excessive amount of caps is not.
  • Repeated personal advertisements: shop ads, event ads, item requests, price checks, stream ads, etc. can be sent, although they must completely disappear from chat before they could be sent again.
  • No links in chat, except for links to our website and Twitch streamers playing WinterCrest.
  • Excessive swearing: cursing is allowed, although intentionally using many in a sentence or multiple messages is not.

6.3 Additional chat rules:

  • Discussions causing or intended to cause trouble are not allowed. If an argument is happening in chat, you may be asked to end it.
  • Encouraging other players to violate rules is not allowed.
  • Begging/hinting for other players to donate for you is not allowed.
  • Staff impersonation, claiming to be a staff member or changing your name to resemble a staff member's name, is not allowed.

This also applies to “mini modding”

  • Violating a chat rule and logging off is not allowed.
  • Advertising or discussing other servers/realms is not allowed.

Exception: Hypixel, Mineplex, 2B2T, and Hermitcraft are exempt from this rule. However, sending their server IP is not allowed.

  • English is the only language allowed in global chat. You can still say ‘hola’ ect.

Exception: Use private messaging, to speak other languages.

  • Third-party fonts are not allowed.

Exception: Displaying items with custom names is allowed as long as it is not used to talk and bypass this rule.

  • Do not bring up any player’s bans/warnings in chat.
7. No hacking/x-ray/exploiting
  • Using, or attempting to use, any bugs or exploits is not allowed. This includes bugs from vanilla, server items, plugins, etc.
  • X-ray mods or packs are not allowed.
  • Duplicating anything, including tnt, is not allowed.
  • Any item with enchants it shouldn’t have may be removed.

Forbidden Mods:

  • Schematics mods such as Litematica are allowed, however the auto-place functionality is not allowed.
  • Hacked clients.
  • X-ray or cave finders. Including resource packs.
  • Mods that allow you see through Lava/Water.
  • Combat mods that give players advantages over others.
  • Any auto mods. Eg. Autofisher and Auto clicker etc.
  • This includes using physical objects to hold down buttons. Eg. Taping your mouse down.

Allowed Clients/Mods

  • Fullbright
  • Lunar Client (No free-look)
  • Mini-map, waypoints, or anything that displays information already known in the F3 menu
  • Optifine
  • Performance/FPS increasers

The full list can be found in discord with !mods

Exploiting & Hacking results in a Permanent Ban regardless of your status within the community.

8. Economy rules
  • Banks, investing, interest payments, and other systems involving storing anything for other players is not allowed.
  • Scamming of any kind is not allowed. Be honest and do not try to take advantage of others who may not understand the economy.
  • If you choose to gamble at a casino, we are not going to enforce whether it is fair or not. We do not condone gambling and if you lose all of your money we will not intervene.
  • If you set your shop prices incorrectly where you buy an item for more than the sell price, you are responsible for this. We will not refund you if someone takes advantage of your mistakes in your shop. Please be very careful when setting up a buy/sell shop.
  • We recommend if you loan something to a player, such as a set of tools, that you take screenshots/video of the trade and agreement. In case the trade is not followed later on, our staff team will need evidence of the trade, excluding chat logs. Please note that we do not encourage long-term trades.
  • There is not alt limit, however accounts must not be used for voting, completing events, or claiming any type of reward for something. There is no alt limit for playing/farms unless it becomes excessive, such as contributing to lag.
  • No useless/troll player warps, auction house listings, or chest shops.

8.1 Shops & Refunds

  • Copying or reselling other player’s mapart, books, banners, or other original work without permission is not allowed.
  • If somebody accidentally buys something from you, you are not responsible for refunding them. However, you may do so if you would like to.
9. Trading Rules.

All trades are protected; all players involved in a trade should clearly understand and accept the offer.

  • No scamming in trades.

A trade scam is when a player (or players working together) misleads, lies, or does not deliver on an agreed deal with another player for goods or services. If a trade is started, it must be completed.

  • Trading fake items (ex: selling a fake crate key) is considered a scam.
  • Killing another player before, during, or within minutes after trading is not allowed.
  • Refunds do not have to be given out if a trade was successfully completed and was not a scam.
  • If a trade is started, it must be completed or reversed if the trade cannot be completed. Failure to finish a trade after it has started is a scam. If a trade is cancelled before anything is exchanged, even if an agreement is set, this is not a scam.
  • Extortion or blackmail for real life or server goods/services is not allowed.
  • We recommend screenshotting trade deals in-game, this is the best way to send proof of a trade to a staff member in case of an issue. Chat logs cannot be used.
  • We do not recommend long-term trades, as the staff team cannot always find evidence or the traded items after a while.
10. Alt-accounts
  • There is no limit to the amount of alts you may use.

However, you must be the owner of the account. No using leaked/stolen accounts.

  • You are not allowed to use Alts to vote, do quests, use crates, progress events or jobs.
  • You are not allowed to use an alt to evade a jail/ban or mute ect.
11. Additional server rules
  • Using fireworks, confetti cannons, large disguises, sounds, and spamming arrows are not allowed in spawn or public events or areas.
  • Donation chargebacks are not allowed. Please contact Cassi with server store issues.
  • Do not cheat on any quest/test on the server. This includes giving players hints or the answers.
  • Do not help/complete other player's Quest Scrolls or "give away/sell" them.
  • Misleading any staff into refunding or recovering broken, lost, or stolen items that were not actually broken, lost, or stolen is not allowed.
  • Do not cross the world border or attempt to. Staff will not retrieve items for you that you have thrown into the border
  • Sharing account information or personal, identifiable information (doxxing) of yourself or another player is not allowed.

Bypassing, or attempting to bypass, any rule or punishment is not allowed, including:

  • Manipulating the wording of a rule to bypass it.
  • Using additional accounts or other means to avoid a punishment.
  • If you were banned for an inappropriate name, you can play on another account.
  • We can't list every possible wrongdoing in our rules. Your actions may still remain at the staff team's discretion.