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Squirrel enthusiasts, gather 'round!

Greetings, fellow WinterCresters!

I'm thrilled to announce the exciting arrival of squirrels to WinterCrest! As you may recall, earlier in the summer, we held the "Summer Mob Vote," where you all participated in choosing a new custom mob for our community. After overcoming technical challenges and refining the system, the day has finally come for us to welcome these charming creatures into our world.


You can find these delightful squirrels in the Taiga Biomes across all of WinterCrest's worlds.


Our squirrels boast a unique talent – once tamed, they'll spontaneously plant random seeds in farmland!

Taming Your Companions:

To make a squirrel your loyal companion, simply offer it an Acorn. Once tamed, the squirrel will faithfully follow you around, assisting with digging and planting seeds in unoccupied farmland.

Acorns and Squirrel Sacks:

Obtain Acorns and Squirrel Sacks by taking daily missions from the "Quest Board" at the Wilderness Trading Post, conveniently located next to Clink and Clank.

Growing Your Family:

Should you desire a larger squirrel family, feed them sweetberries, and watch them reproduce through breeding.

Safe Transportation:

For secure transportation of squirrels to your home or for trading with others, make use of a Squirrel Bag, available at The Wilderness Trading Post (/warp trading post).

Key Points to Remember:

  • Baby squirrels mature into adults in just 5 minutes. During this time, they won't plant seeds or engage in breeding activities.
  • Squirrels will only plant seeds if they are tamed.
  • Ensure your squirrels' safety by /locking them or properly claiming your area to prevent harm from other players.
  • You are permitted to sell Squirrel Bags & Acorns.
  • Enjoy the variety! We have three squirrel types: Grey, Red, and Brown!
  • While squirrels can ride in boats, they won't teleport to other worlds without the bag. We strongly recommend using the bag for safer journeys.

I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing how you all bond with our furry pals. A massive thank you goes out to our BETA testers for helping us perfect these delightful additions to WinterCrest!

Pssst.... got this far?

  • Head over to the Wilderness Trading Post and click the squirrel hidden behind the Cassi Plushie for a gift! (don't leak ;) )
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