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Year of The Dragon: 2024

Year of The Dragon: 2024

We're thrilled to announce that our Lunar New Year event is now open! 🌙✨

Celebrate the vibrant spirit of the Year of the Wood Dragon with us. Join in the festivities as we embrace new beginnings, prosperity, and good fortune. Dive into a world of cultural delights and memorable experiences as we welcome this auspicious year together.


  • Start your journey at the Hub, where the Lunar Event NPC awaits to guide you and offer starter quests.
  • Visit the Dragon House and choose a Dragon as your Spirit Guide! Remember, your choice is permanent and comes with unique rewards claimable via the Dragon Totem every 4 hours. You'll also get to keep your dragon as a pet after the event!
Visit /warp dragonhouse to pick your dragon!


  • Shoot down Lanterns in the Resource World at Night Time to gather our event currency - Lai See! 🧧
  • Spend your Lai See at the Lunar Market located at /warp lunarmarket. Deck out your home with festive decorations!
An illusive floating Lantern!

Ying's Quest Scrolls!

  • Visit Ying in the Lunar World to embark on a variety of quests offering Lunar keys and various rewards! 🌙🔑
Ying's Quest Stall


  • Let your creativity shine in our Wood Dragon-themed build event! Incorporate the Wood Dragon or its essence into your plot for a chance to win rewards.                                                     Location: /warp DragonBuild


  • 1st Place: 10 x  YOT Dragon Keys + $10,000 in game cash!
  • 2nd Place: 5 x YOT Dragon Keys + $5000 in game cash!
  • 3rd Place: 3 x YOT Dragon Keys + $1000 in game cash!

Closing date for entries is March 8th!


This season brings two exciting crates:

The classic Lunar Crate makes its return, alongside the exclusive Year of the Dragon Crate, available only for 2024! 🎁🐉

The Year Of The Dragon Crate: Captured by Mattlicious
  • Earn keys for the Lunar Crate through Mini Events & Quests!
  • Explore the Year Of The Dragon Crate on our Donor Store for exclusive furniture and more: Link to Store

Wood Dragon Set

  • Finally, we couldn't have an event without a beautiful themed Cosmetic & Pet set to match! Check out the Wood Dragon Hat, Staff & Ridable Pet on our store!